Thursday, June 25, 2015

First Post in a While and Tournament on the 27th

There's a tournament at Tower this Saturday, and I'm going to participate this time around.  

I haven't been playing nearly enough WarmaHordes lately, and I really dropped off posting.  However, I'll do reports for this tournament, and probably get around to posting my thoughts from Adepticon later on.

On to this tournament!  Part of me really wants to play with eMorghoul's new theme force, which certainly seems strong enough to make him playable, but a much more reasonable part of me knows I need more practice with my main Warlocks.  So I'll be taking Makeda 3, along with a secondary drop to take on the matchups she has trouble with.  Very likely, that drop will be Mordikaar, who I still need practice with, but I also really like Zaal, pMakeda, and pHexeris, so there's a chance I'll sub in one of them.

I'll post my results early next week.