Monday, September 14, 2015

WMW I Will Be There

Two battle reports are on the docket, so expect those by the middle of the week or so.  I just signed up for Warmachine Weekend, so I'll be there this year.  I'm very excited to attend, and hopefully I'll be able to get plenty of practice in and bring my A-game.

I'm signed up for the LCQ, but I don't expect great results.  I'm debating signing up for Iron Gauntlet too, although idunno how many events I really want to be in.  Other than that, I'm just planning to play games - as many as possible to hone my lists.

I'm planning to bring Makeda 3 naturally, Mordikaar, Zaal 1, and probably Morghoul 1, Makeda 1 and Hexeris 1.  I might also bring some Ret - probably Rahn and Thyron, although my opponents would have to deal with my metal and plastic color scheme.