Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tournament: Dice Dojo Warmachine Weekend Qualifier

Tink helps me get pumped for the tourney

This past weekend there was a Warmachine Weekend qualifier tournament at the Dice Dojo in Chicago. A bunch of folks from Madison drove over to try our luck and I decided to join the fray to get some tournament experience with my chosen lists. It was a four round Masters-style event with Divide and Conquer 1, meaning that we had to play each of our lists at least once during the tournament.

I decided to bring Ossyan, Vyros2 and Kaelyssa's Force Wall as my three lists. The first two I knew could cover all of my match ups, so the choice of Force Wall for the third was simply because I've been having fun with it lately. My lists and reasonings were as follows:

Sunday, September 7, 2014

NFL League Semi Finals: Skorne vs. Cryx, 50pts

So, I finally scheduled my League Semi-finals game with Jamie and his Cryx.  The winner would go on to the finals, and possibly the stupendous glory of a league victory.

I already played Jamie in my 7th game, and I was eager to face him again, since I kind of felt like I didn't deserve that win.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Battle Report: Doubling Down on Vyros2

Since I have the Dice Dojo Warmachine Weekend qualifier coming up this Saturday I've felt the need to practice all of my lists. Recently I've had a fair bit of experience with Ossyan and several variations on Force Wall, but my Vyros2 match ups haven't been played through all that often. So I attempted to rectify that by getting in games against a couple of folks at Pegasus.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ossyan vs the Mad Dogs of War

Taken from the PP site

Now that the Warmachine Weekend qualifier at the Dice Dojo is just around the corner I've decided to put my Force Wall lists on the shelf for the time being to practice the other lists that I'm planning on bringing to the tourney. This night I intended on practicing my Murder of Griffons list, but when I paired up with Jordan and saw that he was bringing the Mad Dogs of War I knew that I had to drop Ossyan instead.